Who are we?

Cinens Cinemas was founded in 2004 by Serkan Günay. Cinens Cinemas, which provide cinema complexes with maximum cinema experience in seven different cities, increases the number of cinema enterprises with new projects every year. Cinens Cinemas, which eliminates the cinema sector with a very broad perspective, has determined the starting point in the best locations in all projects, providing world-class services in technology and comfort, and the concept of service focused on maximum guest satisfaction has been prioritized. 84 halls and 10,837 in total. Cinens Cinemas, which have the number of seats, serve with silver curtains that provide easy viewing in every hall. Enjoy Dolby Atmos in Istanbul, Adana, İzmir & nbsp; with sound technologies in Cinens Cinemas Private halls leading the Gala and Special screenings. The hall offers an amazing sound experience to our guests. There are special seats for physically disabled people in our halls.

Our guests can purchase their tickets through www.cinens.com web address, Cinens mobile applications and ticketinial.com without paying an extra fee and choosing their own places.