What is Dolby Atmos?

After the 3D image revolution in the world, with the rapid development in the sound system, now you cinema audience will be able to feel right inside the movie. In Doly Atmos, besides the sides of the hall, speakers are added to the tops. In the system that operates using the Nssne oriented sound architecture, the sound equivalent to 128 channels is automatically measured so that it does not interfere with the speaker and its sharpness is not distorted. Doly Laboratories accomplishes this with high-end sound processors that process the sound it produces, in addition to an improved speaker system. This gives us audiences more definition and size of sound. Atmos technology provides an unlimited number of tracks that will be distributed to the speakers according to their theater abilities, to be distributed to the theater for dynamic rendering.

This Atmos will be an incoming, providing a re-recording mixer (using a special version of industry standard Pro Tools digital audio workstation software) to indicate a specific location in the theater, as a three-dimensional volume that every dynamic sound source should look like. Ambient sounds are still pre-mixed separately in traditional multi-channel format. During playback, each theater mixes the Atmos system and gives all dynamic sounds in real time to make it seem that each sound comes to its designated point, in a customized way for the particular theater's speaker configuration.